Just Bought a Horse?

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So you just bought a horse. Now what? If this is your first horse you probably have nothing but a horse and maybe a halter. Well here’s a list of the essentials. Go to the store and spend more money. If you bought a horse you probably have more than you know what to do with anyway so you might as well clear out the savings while you’re at it.


Basic moving around with the horse stuff:

  • Halter
  • Lead rope (if it’s not attached already)
  • Saddle stuffs
      1. Saddle
      2. Off-side billet if it’s a western saddle (English saddles have the billets built in)
      3. Girth (so many options, get neoprene to start with)
      4. Long latigo if it’s western (this’ll keep the girth on, get one. I like leather ones)
      5. English? Make sure you come home with leathers and irons. You’ll be happy I mentioned it.
  • Bridle
      1. Headstall
      2. Bit (what kind of bit? Get a double-jointed eggbutt snaffle to start)
      3. Curb strap (leather is all ya need)
      4. Reins (nothing too thick and nothing too long and don’t get anything pink)


Basic grooming tools:

  • Dandy Brush
  • Curry Comb
  • Hoof Pick
  • Sweat Scraper
  • Shampoo (Mane and Tail is fine, you know you wanna warsh them old owners off right away)
  • Grooming supply tote


In a few weeks or months, you’ll figure out what you want and don’t want in your horsey arsenal. So remember, this is just the first “get the basics” type of shopping trip so don’t buy top-of-the-line stuff— save that for down the road purchases.


This is not everything you’ll need; it’s just what’ll get you started. So get started and go get some stuff. You know you wanna.

If I’ve missed anything, let me know by commenting  below. I covered what I think are the basics but everyone’s basics are different, so lemme have ’em!



  1. Saddle pad (s).
    Fly spray
    Fly spray rollon for their face
    Brush for tail & mane
    Spray detangler for tail & mane
    Wipes for eyes
    Face brush
    Another brush when you figure out the first brush is too harsh for their sensitive body
    Bareback pad
    Another bareback pad when you find a cuter one
    Another bit when you realize a snaffle won’t hold your horse back
    Which probably means another halter
    Chin chain thingy, or two
    And oh, another halter and lead because it’s cute
    Another halter and lead combo for when you need to travel light
    Saddle bag
    Another saddle bag when you realize that one just isn’t right
    Another saddle bag that looks great in Argentina but you’ll never use
    Towel, a big one
    Towel, a couple little ones
    Shampoo to keep his golden coat gold
    A bucket for carrying all your bath time tools
    A bin with a cover for keeping stuff you don’t want to get dusty
    Saddle soap
    Saddle conditioner
    Rags & thingies to apply the saddle soap and conditioner
    A rubber curry comb
    Vinegar for skin fungus issues
    Nail polish (clear) when you buy stuff with a Chicago screw because that’s all you can find even after your amazing trainer tells you to never get anything with that screw & you need a way to make sure it doesn’t come apart
    Epsom salt
    Antibiotic cream
    Gauze & wrap
    That brown cleaning solution they use during surgery
    Another hoof pick when someone steals yours
    And another one to have for the next time that happens
    Hoof conditioner and refills that you’ll put on the bottom of the hooves before you ride & then realize after your horse slips and falls that you aren’t supposed to do that so will never use it again
    Extra pair of shoes & boots when you arrive in flip flops and forgot your boots at home
    Corona , the goopy stuff not the beer
    Standing wraps
    Ice boots
    Bin to store the bran
    Senior feed, molasses, apple sauce, horse syringe , mixing bowl for when you have to give your horse meds but they won’t eat it so you have to come up with any and every way to get them to eat it
    Bin to store that senior feed
    Folding chair to sit with your horse when they are sick and you can’t bear to leave him
    Buckets for water when the automatic water thingy doesn’t work
    Bin for above bran and medicine concoctions
    A husband to custom build you a tack shed to store everything
    Another tack shed closer to when your horse lives for all the medical stuff … and more of the above items to have in this tack shed, too
    A custom built step to get on your horse bareback
    Pooper scoop thingy
    Various bags of pellets & powders for pee management in the stall
    A really patient and understanding husband who knows that a happy & healthy horse equals a happy wife which equals a happy life 🙂

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