Hoof Picks

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Updated 7/26/15, Originally Posted 5/4/14

So many options, what’s a girl to do? Well I have my favorites. Below are the top 2 and the bottom 2. Please take my word on the bottom 2 and don’t waste your money trying to prove me wrong, ok? I’m not. These stink. So get one of the top 2. And seriously just get the top pick of picks, it’s the best option and cheap too.

Let’s get down to brass tacks and hoof picks:

These are the worst of the bunch. Don’t get any of them. Period.

Must haves in a hoof pick:

  1. Strength.  Get something unbendable.
  2. Size.  Get something small enough to fit in your emergency pack, or back pocket.

Pick’s I like: Normal old cheap bent around glorified screwdriver.  Even though the rubber handle grip will wear out over time, they are just about indestructible and cheaply replaceable. At $0.99 it’s the clear and Ultimate Winner. Buy 5. Runner up is The Ultimate Pick. It’s large and expensive but super strong. If you wanna spend a lot of money on a pick, spend it on this one.

Pick’s I don’t like: You know those picks with thick plastic handles that sometimes have a useless brush on the back and a flat metal pick?  pick2Horrid. The pick bends/breaks easily which leaves you stranded with nothing but a useless hunk o’ plastic. The brush digs into your wrist when trying to pick out the hoof (see pict) and the garsh darn grips are pointed the wrong way! Basically, anything with a flimsy pick is useless. And don’t get me started on the uselessness of a brush. Try to bend it, if you can it’s a joke. It angers me when I see these things. They are a waste and completely offensive.

 Hoof Picks that keep me up at night.

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