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On Relationships & Shoveling Poop REPOST

In All The Tie Rail, Ground Work, Horsemanship, Riding by Caro Garner0 Comments

The following seems fitting after the post Letting Things Take as Much Time as They Need to Take. Think of it as real-world proof that everything takes time. But even more important is what happens after that time has been taken. On Relationships & Shoveling Poop addresses that end—taking your time is worth it. Caro’s relationship with her horse (after time and effort) has become …

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Hoof Picks

In All The Tie Rail, Tack and Equipment by Eric Ancker0 Comments

So many options, what’s a girl to do? Well I have my favorites. Below are the top 2 and the bottom 2. Please take my word on the bottom 2 and don’t waste your money trying to prove me wrong, ok? I’m not. These stink. So get one of the top 2. And seriously just get the top pick of picks, it’s the best option and cheap too.

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Getting Your Horse’s Head Down

In All The Tie Rail, Ground Work, Horsemanship by Eric Ancker

Horses are prey animals, so they live by the Prey Animal Code of Conduct, of which Article III, section 7.6, subparagraph (iii) reads:  When in doubt, raise your head and snort. If still in doubt after said raising and snorting, run. If someone nearby has already done the raising and snorting, definitely run. If someone near you runs and you ...
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Entropy and the Inevitable Decline into Disorder

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The whole of the Universe and everything in it is going from order to disorder. From the largest structures of the galaxies to the smallest molecules, chaos is the predetermined end. We see this law play out when working with horses time and time again: the session starts out calm, quiet and orderly, but as more is asked of the …

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Pushing, Driving and Following

In All The Tie Rail by Eric Ancker1 Comment

Ground work is the foundation for everything. I can't stress enough just how important ground work is to the horse/rider relationship. And if you are going to work with a horse on the ground, there are three ways to move them around. It's important to know the difference if you're going to use them effectively. PushingThis is when you move ...